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Medal art nowadays is heavily in transition and struggling with a split image.  On the one hand we still see traditionally produced medals and on the other an increasing number of ‘objects’.  The latest developments have resulted in a loss of touch with the public, as objects intended to be ‘art medals’ are often not recognized as such.  At this stage it seems that almost any object can be claimed to represent a concept or idea and may therefore be called an ‘art medal’, as long as the object is not functionally oversized (although even there the limits are not clear). In this way a confrontation with modern art medals can be an experience of alienation.

It would be foolish to believe that this process, which has been ongoing for more than three decades now, is in any way reversible.  The various insights, offered by the publications referred to, are illustrated by a number of images in the articles.  (Note: to begin with, the site contains only links to publications in the Dutch language.)

The mind’s capacity to hold information, which can be suggested by the title and looks of a hand-size object, makes artists feel free to name almost any small object an ‘art medal’. In this manner symbolism is offered for the public’s personal association. Those who desire to understand objects as being art medals, distinguish themselves from those who don’t. This development generates a dichotomy in opinions about medal art today.


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